The United States do not have a THR (Traditional Herbal Registration) certification mark as the UK does, but instead companies must be GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice) certified. Swanson Health Products has always maintained an “A” for excellence in compliance with GMP regulations.

When Swanson source a product, the manufacturer provides them with a Certificate of Analysis (CofA), which guarantees that the product received exactly matches that ordered.

In addition to the CofA, Swanson also use ISO-certified labs to test products for purity and potency before they are sold to the general public. If the product does not meet their strict specifications, then the shipment is returned to the manufacturer. In other words, the customer can be confident that what is listed on the label, is actually what is in the bottle.

Swanson gives each manufacturer a “Score” based on several criteria. When taking on a new manufacturer, they will initially have a low score until they build their reputation by supplying products free from quality concerns. New manufacturers are tested frequently, and once they have established a history of providing quality products, the testing will become less frequent.

The FDA does not technically “approve” supplement companies like Swanson, who are obligated to follow FDA regulations for the supplement industry, and are subject to an audit or inspection at any time. To ensure that Swanson are following the FDA regulations and are compliant with the FDA’s cGMPs (current Good Manufacturing Practices), they hire independent inspectors to come in and audit their procedures on a regular basis.